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Update: In fundraising, direct mail still outperforms email. Here’s why.

Crickets—the sound you hear when you ask your team about returns on your email fundraising efforts.

You’re not alone. We live in a digital age and we feel inclined to utilize the digital market.  The truth is, digital raises less than a tenth of the money that direct mail raises.  

According to the M+R/NTEN 2017 Benchmarks Study, email lists and the quantities of emails sent have both grown by 10% in 2016.  Total online revenue is up by 14%.

The same study then confirms response rates to email solicitations of 0.05%. That’s not 5%.  It’s 0.05%

Response rates to email solicitations are 0.05%, according to M+R/NTEN 2017 Benchmarks Study. That means for every 2000 emails, you can expect 1 response.

You’re probably asking “with online revenue up by so much, how can this be?” Simple.

If you’re reaching a larger audience, you’re bound to see an increase in revenue.  However, with a response rate so low, for every 2000 fundraising emails you send, you can expect only 1 lonely response.

The DMA 2016 Response Rate Report also indicates that even with this low response rate, 19% plan to decrease their use of direct mail to focus on other media.

Why is this strategy risky?

  • One reason is noise level.  Your mailbox is far less crowded than your inbox.  The DMA’s 2016 report tells us that mail has an 80+% open rate, while email inboxes suffer from a 16-21% open rate.  Swipe left and delete! 
  • Another is trustworthiness.  A 2013 DMA study discovered that 56% of consumers think printed material is the most trustworthy of all communication channels.  You know what they say:  Get it in writing!
  • And a third reason is tactility.  Things you are able to touch have a higher impact than things you can only see. 

Recent studies in the field of decision neuroscience give us reasons for all this as I report in another blog post.

Here’s the scoop:

Direct mail has the ability to offer more personalized and relevant marketing to a targeted audience.  It has proven far more effective in donor acquisition and reconnecting past supporters to the cause.

And a bonus for the digitally inclined—direct mail even helps engage people in the web.  Yup, you read that correctly.  Target Analytics estimated that 1/3 of online contributions are made in response to a direct mail appeal.

So there IS a place for email and alternate marketing in your strategy.  We recommend releasing an email reminder 1-2 weeks after the in-home date of your direct mail solicitation.  That reply card is probably still sitting on their kitchen counter—use email to remind your donors to return it!

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