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In fundraising, direct mail still outperforms email. Here’s why.

Crickets—the sound you hear when you ask your team about returns on your email fundraising efforts. You’re not alone. We live in a digital age, but digital raises less than a tenth of the money that direct mail raises. Study Email Response Rate M+R/NTEN 2016 Benchmarks Study (fundraising) 0.08% DMA 2015 Response Rate Report (advertising) […]

Wish your first-time donor renewal rates were higher? Part 2: Pick up the phone

In the first post of this series, I shared a strategy for sending out an effective thank you letter. Too many organizations stop there. Remember, I spoke of your thank you letter as the first in a series of thank yous, plural. So, the thank you letter is in the mail. What next? Pick up […]

Wish your first-time donor renewal rates were higher? Part 1: Write a better thank you letter

Improving first time donor renewal is essential for improving your organization’s long-term fundraising success. How you respond to a donor’s first gift is vitally important. A critical—and often taken for granted—first step is the way you say thank you. How does your organization let donors know they and their gifts are appreciated? How do you […]

How to design a donor-centric response card for annual appeal mailings

First, grab your donor’s attention. Attract the eye to the card with some spot color. Then, prime the donor’s brain with an affirmation, a donor benefit word, and a suggested gift amount. Use words like invest, protect, participate, gratitude—words that remind the donor why she is giving. When donors fill out the response card, it’s […]

Why this development director was blind to her declining retention rate – and what she’s doing about it now

Our client finally turned the corner after four consecutive years of decline. Revenue and number of donors both increased last year after hitting rock-bottom the year before. The development director was feeling optimistic. So what compelled her to write this memo the very day we delivered her Five Maples custom donor analytics report? The note […]