Jobs at Five Maples

Five Maples Development Communications is looking for an industrious warehouse & logistics professional to manage and oversee all functions of our warehouse.

Join us for a great opportunity with competitive compensation and excellent benefits. Five Maples benefits include paid holidays, paid time off starting at 2 weeks per year, a monthly contribution of $463.22 toward the employee’s choice of 10 different company sponsored health insurance plans, a 401k plan with company match and disability insurance.

About the job:

The Warehouse & Logistics Manager is responsible for all functions of the warehouse and transportation, ensuring reliable operations of all activities. They will coordinate with the internal and external systems of the company to work efficiently. This position will oversee the actions of warehouse workers assuring that all safety and legal procedures related to this position are in place and followed. The Warehouse Manager should have time management and decision making skills and should be able to solve problems that arise in the normal course of work.

Here’s what will make you successful at this position:

  • Ability to work with people, maintaining a polite and kind composure at all times
  • Able to handle stress in relation to high demands of the position
  • Flexible approach
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership and administration skills

This person will:

  • Ensure timely delivery of all items; residual materials, mailings, etc
  • Direct, motivate and appropriately influences others
  • Serve as a credible role model
  • Learn and understand postal regulations
  • Skill set / license to operate 24’ panel truck and loading and lifting machinery (no CDL needed)
  • Manage client and corporate inventories
  • Identify inventory items that are no longer useful to Project Management
  • Hire and schedule LTL trucking as needed
  • Evaluate costs in relationship to hiring LTL carrier or using company vehicle
  • Purchase and maintain inventory of production and company supplies
  • Delivery of items where they are needed in accordance with all schedules
  • Train warehouse workers
  • Purchase consumables for company and production
  • Manage Landscaping vendors
  • Some light building maintenance as needed
  • Snow removal in winter around building entrances and vendor access
  • Waste Management
  • Postal Equipment Ordering

About Five Maples Development Communications

Five Maples helps non-profits raise more money by getting the right message to the right donor at the right time.

Our work typically starts with an analysis of previous annual fund results, followed by setting up an annual program of coordinated direct mail and email for the year, and executing that plan through copywriting, design, printing and mailing.

Five Maples has over 100 non-profit clients. Our non-profit business is growing 20% per year, through referrals as our reputation grows, and as the teaching on our website motivates non-profits to contact us. Our clients are in all sectors of the non-profit world.

We are fanatics about planning well, staying on plan and getting all the details right. Our constant analysis of fundraising performance data helps us offer clients the best advice to improve their results.

Join us for a great opportunity with competitive compensation and excellent benefits.

How to Apply

Submit your resume by email to Carol Martin, Operations Manager

Then click here to take our pre-employment screening test:

Resumes will not be considered until the screening test has been completed.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $17.50/hour