Improved Mailing Lists for Better Results

Even with 20 years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising and printing, I have found it very reassuring to be working with Gary and the team at [Five Maples] as we test direct mail for the first time in years. Gary worked patiently with us to develop state-specific mailing lists of people who should be interested in the work we do, and provided excellent feedback to make our letters as compelling as possible. It’s also a great time-saver to pass over the design and print management to the [Five Maples] team. We’re looking forward to very positive results!
Kelly Short, Communications Director, Northern Forest Center

Five Maples will help you identify the lists you need to meet or exceed your marketing goals and get the best results for your money. We can obtain both local lists (Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and New York) and national lists at competitive prices.

Saturation Lists

Promote your business, sale, or event; send out town reports or school district warrants; reach voters by mailing to everyone in a specific geography. Saturation postage rates are the best available from the U. S. Postal Service.

We make it easy for you.  Tell us your criteria (we can help if you’re not sure), and we’ll determine the address count and provide a quote of the printing and mailing costs.

  • State, county, town, street, and/or zip code
  • Geographic or driving distance from a specific location
  • Postal carrier route
  • Residences, post office boxes, and/or businesses
  • Every address within a boundary you draw on a map
  • Addresses with or without names

Consumer Lists and Special Interest Selects

National data compilers collect information about residents’ and consumers’ income, age, purchases, home ownership, subscriptions, town taxes, and hundreds of other factors. A select is the use of one or more of those distinctions to create a list of recipients who are most likely to respond to your mailing. Over 200 compiled selects are available to match customer interests with your business, promotion, sale, event, seminar, or product. Using selects improves the return on your mailing investment.

Business to Business Mailing Lists

Tell us your marketing goals, your product line and the kind of businesses you would like to market to.  We will research and propose the best lists and how to use them to best effect.

  • We can select lists of businesses using over 20,000 SIC codes (see above).
  • Businesses can be further selected by employee size, annual sales, and geography.
  • We can also access lists for specific associations or publications to further target your marketing.
  • Contact names and phone numbers are also available.

Donor Acquisition Lists

Looking for potential new donors? Consider these sources.

  • Mail order donors: From a general list of residents we can select those who have made a donation by mail within the last two years. We can further qualify these donors by their special interests in, for example, health care, children’s causes, or veteran’s affairs.
  • Non-profit lists and publication Lists: Some non-profits, associations, and publishers rent their donor lists to others through a list broker. We can search for available lists that reflect your area of interest, provide you the counts, costs, and restrictions; and obtain the list when you are ready.

Improve Acquisition List Results by using a Regression Analysis of your Donor, Membership or Customer List

A regression analysis matches the donors or customers on your current in-house list against national databases to analyze the your donor/customer demographics. Several hundred demographics, interest areas, consumer behaviors and other factors are analyzed, generating a statistical model of the factors that most characterize those in your list. The model indicates the ‘lift’, that is, the improvement in results that using those factors as list ‘selects’ might produce compared to a more general acquisition list. Contact Gary Henricksen at Five Maples for more information on this interesting tool (

Let’s discuss your donor acquisition goals and how a rented mailing list can help.

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