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The legendary direct mail fundraiser Mal Warwick said “The reality is that for most of us, writing of any sort is a royal pain in the neck”.Yup, writing is hard work. Writing fundraising letters that perform well takes a lot of time, effort and practice. And there are so many questions: 1 page or 2? photos or no photos? Letter or self-mailer? Stories or statistics? Personalized or generic?

Get the help you need: We can write or edit your fundraising letter or donor newsletter. And design it too. Call Gary at 800-437-7780 Ext 104, or e-mail me today at Find out if this is the solution you need.

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We deeply appreciate the fact that [Five Maples] took the time to learn a good deal about our organization and our donor base before they began working on our year-end campaign. They were then in constant communication with us and worked side-by-side with us until we were all happy with the finished product. They were conscientious, available whenever we needed them, and seemingly unflappable. We were absolutely satisfied with the results of our campaign and would recommend [Five Maples] to others.
~Elissa Haskins-Vaughan Director of Membership, Hancock Shaker Village

The New Hampshire Historical Society worked with [Five Maples], Inc. to create a “lapsed member” letter. Although we previously have written and designed these letters in-house, we were interested in whether we might generate a better response with the services of Gary and his team.

We were pleased with how well Gary understood both our organization and its mission, and the purpose of the letter. Gary and his writer were able to create a letter that was excellent in its message, and graphically well designed. He helped us to refine the letter with an image chosen to evoke “cognitive ease” and blocks of text with simple and direct messaging.

The response has been a pleasant surprise: 4.74% of the lapsed members who received letters re-joined the Society. This is the best response rate we’ve seen.

We’re grateful to [Five Maples], and look forward to working with them in the future.
~Anne L. Hamilton, CFRE, Director of Development, New Hampshire Historical Society