Postal Class

Class of Mail Cost Speed
First class mail – retail High USPS service standard: 1-2 days across the US. Can take longer depending on time of year or other factors.
First class mail – presorted discount Low
Standard mail Lower USPS service standard: 2-9 days across the US; but depending on the circumstances Five Maples advises to plan for up to:1 week for the East Coast
2 weeks for the Mid-West
3 weeks for the West Coast
Non-profit standard mail Lowest

See a comparison of presorted, automation postal rates chart.
Contact your Five Maples account manager for more detailed information on delivery expectations for your specific mailing.

Qualifying for Non-Profit Standard Rates

Just because your organization has 501(3)c non-profit IRS status doesn’t mean you qualify for non-profit standard rates. The USPS definition of a non-profit organization for mailing purposes is not quite the same as the IRS definition for tax purposes. The USPS definition follows.

To qualify for non-profit standard rates, PS Form 3624 and supporting documentation are required at your local post office.  After a review period the post office will issue you an authorization number.  Provide that number to Five Maples, or inform Five Maples that you have the number and our auditor will look it up.  You only need one number for all your locations.

Only political committees, voting registration officials, and organizations that meet specific standards for qualified nonprofit organizations and that have received specific authorization from the USPS may mail eligible matter at the Non-Profit Standard Mail rates.

Qualified organization: the organization is not organized for profit, and none of its net income inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or individual. Types of organizations that may qualify: religious, educational, scientific, philanthropic, agricultural, labor, veterans, and fraternal. Voting registration officials and national and state political committees may be qualified without regard to their nonprofit status.
Ineligible nonprofit organizations: service, social, and hobby clubs; citizens’ and civic improvement associations; state, county, and municipal governments are generally not eligible.

Eligible and ineligible matter:

  • Prohibitions and restrictions: Nonprofit rates not permitted for mailing promotional material for credit cards, insurance policies, and travel arrangements. Authorized organizations may not let any other person or organization use their authorizations to mail at Non-Profit Standard Mail rates.
  • Cooperative mailings: mailable at Non-Profit Standard Mail rates only if each cooperating organization is individually authorized to mail at Non-Profit Standard Mail rates.

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