Save Money by Complying

Ordering an NCOA service with your mailing means that Mailrite will check the addresses in your mailing list against the constantly updated national database of customer move information. NCOA is the easiest way to comply with the Move Update Standard, and the good news is that NCOA WILL SAVE YOU MONEY on your mailing.

NCOA service:

  • Updates the address using the information provided on the move update order filed with the local post office when the addressee moved.
  • Identifies those addresses that are unlikely to be delivered and should be removed before mailing.  If individuals, non-profits, or businesses move, but don’t file a move change order with their local Post Office or file an incorrect forwarding address, NCOA will identify most of those as undeliverable. See Using NCOA Results.

NCOA doesn’t fix every address in your mail list, but NCOA services correct many addresses in the typical list, even for mailers that pay a lot of attention to their list.  This saves you money.  The following tables show how.

Type of List List Size Addresses Eliminated Addresses Move-Updated Percent Addresses Corrected or Eliminated
List 1 Conference prospects 53,853 1,838 2,964 8.9%
List 2 Alumni 9,313 135 513 7.1%
List 3 Prospective students 4,715 44 242 6.1%
List 4 Previous purchases 8,689 96 393 5.6%
List 5 Members and former members 1,541 61 75 8.8%

Following is the net savings our customers experienced on the above 5 examples from the NCOA service.  The savings is a combination of savings on postage and processing for pieces that were not mailed, and pieces that were not thrown away or returned by the post office because of an undeliverable address.

Class of Postage Postage and Mailing Cost per Piece Net Savings after NCOA cost
List 1 Standard $0.19 $1,322.13
List 2 Non-profit standard $0.19 $122.96
List 3 Non-profit standard $0.19 $5.07
List 4 First class $0.41 $139.38
List 5 Non-profit standard $0.46 $22.43

Savings may vary from break-even to many times the cost of the NCOA. On average Mailrite’s customers save more than three times the cost of the NCOA service.  And that doesn’t count the lost communications and revenue from mail pieces that would never have reached their recipient.

NCOA is all good news: reach your clients, save money, update your list, and comply with the postal regulations!

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