Move Update Standard

Five methods meet the move update standard:

  1. The easiest and least expensive method for most mailers is NCOALink processing. Find out more about how to save money and comply.
  2. Use an appropriate on-piece ancillary service endorsement, such as Address Service Requested, Return Service Requested, or Change Service Requested. Mailers using on-piece ancillary service endorsements must incorporate the address changes received prior to subsequent mailings and mail to your address file with an endorsement at a minimum of every 95 days. More about endorsements.
  3. FASTforward MLOCR processing (letter mail only).
  4. OneCode ACS (Address Change Service) in conjunction with an Intelligent Mail barcode and business entity ID.
  5. Address Change Service used with an ACS participant code and an appropriate on-piece ancillary service endorsement.

Methods 3, 4, and 5 are not often used due to the technical requirements and the expense for set up.

If a list used in a mailing at one class of mail is updated with an approved method, the same list may be used during the following 95 days in another mailing as well as another class of mail.

Mailings with a generic name such as “……or Current Resident,” or saturation mailings addressed to “Occupant” or “Postal Customer,” are NOT subject to the Move Update standards.

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