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Envelopes that keep your letters out of the recycle bin

Imagine this sad scenario—your donor checks the mail, takes one look at the envelope containing your appeal letter, and tosses it unopened into the recycle bin. Ouch. You’ve worked hard creating the perfect appeal package. You’ve considered every element carefully, focused in on constituent groups, written the perfect copy, and designed the best reply card. […]

How to write a fundraising letter that gets results

Sure, you double (and triple!) check your fundraising letter for spelling and grammar errors, but do you check that it is written to raise the most money possible? Read your finished letter again, and this time, fill out our Better Letter Checklist as you go. You may be surprised how much you can improve your […]

When’s the best time to mail an end-of-calendar-year fundraising letter?

Many people ask us: “Should I mail our appeal before or after Thanksgiving?” Well, a lot of appeals arrive right before Thanksgiving. And, a lot of appeals mail in the first two weeks of December So you have a lot of competition whether you mail before or after Thanksgiving. The main points to keep in […]

Raise more money using these 5 words

  They are simple words, but it’s so easy to write a donation request letter and not use them. Our schools and employers teach us to write impersonally, formally, pompously. So, go back through your letter draft and check for these five words: It’s an easy way to improve your donation request letter, thank you […]

Want the most effective fundraising letter possible? Use this best practice checklist.

Download the Five Maples Better Letter Checklist! Is it clear what problem the organization is addressing and how a gift will help solve that problem? Is the letter from one person to another? Not from a committee? Engaging? Personal, even chatty style? Creates a bond; uses “you” and “I”? Appeals to emotions via narrative? Uses […]

The Why, Where and How of using personalization in a fundraising letter

Direct Marketing IQ’s Cheryl Cagle reports that 60% of fundraising direct mail was personalized in 2014. Of all market segments, only insurance uses more personalization. Personalization: Why to do it The reason why 93% of direct mail fundraising appeals are letters is because people give to people. Letters are from a person to a person―or they are when they […]

Two-page fundraising letters that outperformed expectations

In my last post, I talked about why you often need two pages to write and design a successful fundraising letter. And a previous post shows you how to write and design a two-page letter than can be scanned in 20 seconds. In this post I’m going to show you three more examples. But first, don’t […]