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“I couldn’t help but open it”

“In my stack of mail at home there was a letter from the local hospital that had a hand written address and a personal signature in the upper left corner. No way was it a bill. What was it? I couldn’t help but open it.”

That’s what I heard from the recipient of one of our recent client mailings that used a live signature and handwriting font on the envelope. At first glance it didn’t look like a bulk mail letter. And that’s what got it opened.

These examples show what it looks like to use a live signature and a handwriting font. The first two use a typeface called Cluff HMK. The third uses a typeface called FG Rakel.

Cluff Font on Envelope

Handwriting Font “Cluff HMK” in Black

Cluff font on Envelope

Handwriting Font ‘Cluff HMK” in Blue

Rakel Font on Envelope

Handwriting font “FG Rakel” in Blue

Half a dozen of our clients have begun using them. And, in our first side-by-side test between Cluff HMK in blue and Arial in black in a mailing of 14,301 letters, the handwriting font generated a 12 percent greater response rate.

Would you like to use a handwriting font and live signature on your next fundraising letter or invitation? Talk to your Five Maples account manager, or contact Gary at 800-437-7780 ext 104 or


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