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How to Design a Donor-centric Fundraising Letter

As soon as your fundraising letter is opened it will get 20 seconds of attention ― or less ― in a quick scan.

That’s how much time you have to:

  • Communicate the need you are trying to solve and how you solve it
  • Tell or show a story that brings that home
  • Make it personal by showing the donor what she’ll gain by giving
  • Ask for a donation

Your letter design has to deliver everything the donor needs to know―in the first scan-through. Do this effectively and she’ll start reading back at the beginning for a second run-through, taking her time. Or she’ll pick up the response card. Either way, you’ve gotten through to her. Because the letter design was donor-centric.

Here’s an example that shows you just how to do that.

Donor-centric Fundraising Letter, pg 1.

Click to view

Donor-centric Fundraising Letter, pg 2.

Click to view


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