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8 ways to get better results from annual fund appeal mailings

  1. Use story in fundraising letters. Speak from the point of view of the potential donors.  “I was helped, and now I’m helping”.  Show what the help does.
  2. Use color photos with captions that support or convey the story in direct mail letters.
  3. Improve convenience and choices for the donor and gather more information by using a 7 x 8.5, two-color folded response form. This increases your space to work with and puts all donor response information on one side.
  4. Use the response form to build your database of email addresses and cell phone numbers.
  5. Optimize the ask amount by using ask strings based on the donor’s last gift. Reminding donors of the time and amount of their last gift sustains and increases giving.
  6. Use an integrated, multi-channel approach: direct mail, email, thank-a-thons, or phone reminders. Direct mail results in the highest response rate for donations and email the lowest rate, but integration boosts response rate in all channels
  7. Remind donors with a personalized postcard (with ask strings) timed for the end of year when 25 to 35 percent of all gifts are made. Send the letter appeal at the beginning of November and the postcard in the second week of December.
  8. Increase frequency of development communications.  Thank donors immediately. Before the next appeal inform them that their gift has been put to work. Then inform them what their gift has accomplished. And then ask for the next gift. Ask by mail two to four times per year.

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