Data analysis will improve your results

Motivating donors to make a gift is a challenge.

You’ve got to identify who’s likely to respond, know which message will resonate and anticipate when they’ll take action.

Detailed analysis of donor segment trends. Read about
the results here.

Data-driven planning is the best way to improve your results.

Most development directors don’t have the time, tools or expertise to analyze their data to the depth needed.

Five Maples provides custom donor and gift analysis that boosts your fundraising to the next level.

Five Maples will prepare a customized analytics report for your organization, with your data.

You’ll enjoy insights that you just can’t get from “canned reports.”

Five Maples will address questions like:

  • Who are your most valuable supporters? (Hint: It’s not all based on money.)
  • Which donors are not renewing from one year to the next?
  • What is the lifetime value of each new donor?

You don’t need a big budget to afford data analysis

This is valuable information that’s usually hidden in your database. Unlocking it isn’t as pricey or time-consuming as you might think.

In a matter of weeks, or even days, you’ll be making data-driven development decisions.

Instincts, hunches and anecdotes will be confirmed or denied as you dig in to your new reports. You’ll be confident in the practical, actionable results.

Whether it’s part of a direct-mail or email campaign, or a standalone “check-up” diagnostic report, analytics from Five Maples will help you increase your results.

Our data analysis produces insights you can act on

  • Acquisition and Retention Take a look at this sample of a basic report for one organization’s five most recent years of giving. We went beyond numbers of donors and dollars given in each year to assess acquisition and retention. The important insight for our client in this case was how retention among first-time donors differed dramatically from how well the rest of their donors repeated their gifts. They went on to revamp their annual fundraising plan as a direct result of this analysis.

  • RFM Analysis That stands for “Recency”, “Frequency”, and “Monetary Value”. Three of our favorite ways to segment donor history. Each is helpful on its own, but the real power is when all three are combined. We create a master grid that clearly points to your highest-value supporters and those with potential that may still be under your radar.
  • Beyond RFM – “Recency”, “Frequency” and “Monetary Value” are tried and true segments. Over the years we’ve found that in fundraising there are a wealth of additional variables to work with in identifying your best donors and strongest prospects. “Longevity” is one – the time elapsed between the donor’s first and latest gift. “Affinity” is another. We developed this as a way to rank your donors (and not-yet-donors) based on who’s demonstrated the most involvement in your organization.
  • Ask String Analysis We’re big fans of ask strings at Five Maples. Those are the sets of checkboxes on a reply card or giving page that suggest different gift amounts. Variable strings mean higher-level donors are prompted with higher-level gift suggestions to fit their own history. Five Maples has provided that service for years. We’ve found that presenting the donor with these helpful prompts consistently increases the amount of the average gift. In this analysis, we share the custom Ask String Results Analysis grid that shows the movement from one gift level to another.
  • Custom Analytics – The real power of analytics is when you are open to discovery. The data often answer questions that you never thought to ask. When we conduct a custom analysis for your organization we’ll answer the pressing questions you have while keeping open to the discovery of new insights that will improve your results.

Enjoy insight you’ll never get from “canned reports.”

Let Five Maples prepare a customized analysis for you with your own organization’s data. Call me at 1-800-437-7780 ext 104 or Email Me Today!